United States

Clarksville, TN

Maxwell Clinic for Proactive Medicine
Dr. David Haase, MD
Tel: 931-648-9595
E-Mail: info@maxwellclinic.com
Web: www.maxwellclinic.com

Columbia, MD

Sivieri Wellness Center
Dr. Mark Sivieri, MD
Lynn Dudley, PAC
Tel: (410) 312-5280
E-Mail: lynn_bizkit@yahoo.com
Web: www.sivieriwellness.com

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Institute of Advanced Medicine
Dr. Herbert Slavin, MD
Tel: (954) 748-4991
E-Mail: office@drslavin.net
Web: www.drslavin.com

Long Island, NY

Oceanside, NY
Dr. Moshe Dekel MD
Tel: 516-817-1770
E-Mail: doc@drdekel.com
Web: www.drdekel.com

Rochester, NY

Thermography Rochester
Lisa Syed, CTM
Tel: 585-754-3315
E-Mail: painfreeimaging@gmail.com
Web: www.thermographyrochester.com

Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM

Two Birds Thermography
Kathryn Ater, DOM
Tel: Santa Fe 505-424-4811  Tel: Albuquerque 505-247-2127
E-Mail: twobirdsthermography@gmail.com
Web: www.thermographynewmexico.com

St. Louis,

Prevention and Healing, Inc
Dr. Simon Yu, MD
Tel: 314-432-7802
E-mail: simonyumd@aol.com
Web: www.preventionandhealing.com

Washington, DC

Dr. Bruce Rind, MD
Tel: 202-237-7000 x122
E-Mail: drrind@max.com

Western NY

Thermography Clinic Western New York
Dr. Margaret Mitchell, MD
Tel: 716-688-1825
E-Mail: healthytransformationspllc@gmail.com

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