Thermography Technician  – 2-Day Program – $1,795.00


The Thermography Technician will understand the basic concepts and limitations of
thermography and will be able to effectively answer basic telephone inquiries about
thermography, collect relevant data within a clinical setting, and take correct images
including Cranial, Breast, Upper and Lower Body imaging.

Upon completion of this two-day program, the Thermography Technician will be
able to effectively operate thermography imaging equipment and capture correct
images in accordance with internationally accepted procedures and protocols.


This program is recommended for all front line imaging personnel and is suitable
for anyone, ranging from those imaging part time imaging to clinic owners.


Attendees will gain proficiency in thermal imaging and will be eligible for Level 1
certification upon completion.


Our training and accreditation program is the most vigorous and extensive in the
industry designed for professional thermographic imaging.
Successful candidates will complete the following modules:

The Science of Thermography

  • Introduction to Thermography
  • Clinical Anatomy and Terminology
  • Infrared Physics
  • Thermographic Physiology
  • Clinical Applications
  • History of Breast thermography


  • Laboratory Requirements and Standards
  • Patient Preparation and Pre-Examination Procedures
  • Software and Camera Operations
  • Cold Water Challenge – Proper Administration
  • Basic Computer Skills and Troubleshooting

Hands on Clinical Training:

  • Breast Imaging
  • Dental / Cranial Imaging
  • Upper Body Imaging
  • Lower Body Imaging
  • Full Body Imaging Procedure

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