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Our System: Imaging Center System

A Complete Solution

Thermography Clinic offers a turnkey solution to thermographic imaging implementations in various healthcare practices.  We provide you with the necessary tools; resources, knowledge and skills to conduct technologically advanced procedures that take a preventative approach to modern day medicine.

System Specifications and Costs:

Imaging Center System                                         Total Cost:  $19,997.00    USD


  • Infrared FLIR ThermoVision® A300 Camera – required for medical applications
  • Insight Full BodyScan® software specifically developed for clinical use
  • 12 months software Technical Support
  • Laptop preloaded with Insight Full BodyScan® software
  • Use of “Thermography Clinic Inc.” name – “Thermography Clinic Inc. (Your City/Name)”
  • Referral Listing on (upon completion of certification requirements)
  • Image Interpretation Services (IIS) account
  • Access to Thermography Clinic Inc. Conference Calls covering relevant and timely clinical thermography topics and business development support group
  • Software Updates for one year

Imaging Fees and ROI:

Standard fees charged to the patient are as follows:

Breast                         $250 – $275
Cranial – Dental         $200
Upper Body                $250
Lower Body                $250
Full Body                    $675

Reporting Fees

$55 per clinical report. (STAT reporting available for additional $15 fee per report)
All clinical reports are provided electronically through our secure server and are fully compliant.
Reports are prepared by Board Certified Clinical Thermographers.
We provide the fastest turn around reporting in the industry.

Return on Investment

A clinic providing an average of 15 Thermography exams per week can expect the following cash flow:

Weekly cash flow – 15 patients per week:

Fee Charged to Patient $250 x 15 exams $               3,750.00
Less: Reporting Fee $55 x 15 exams $                820.00
Net Weekly Revenue $               2,930.00

Monthly Cash Flow – 15 patients per week x 4.33 = 65 patients per month:

Fee Charged to Patient $250 x 65 exams $              16,250.00
Less: Reporting Fee $55 x 65 exams $                 3,575.00
Net Monthly Revenue $              12,675.00



Various financing and leasing options are available. We have partnered with a leasing company, which provides a 48-month lease term with a low monthly payment and a $10 buyout at the end of the lease term.

The Next Step

Our comprehensive solution is designed to expand the use of thermographic scans in the field of medicine and to make certain the long-term success of the clinics to which we supply our comprehensive thermographic solutions.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can support your initiative to introduce thermographic imaging procedures in your practice.

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