College of Medical Thermography
Training Programs

To the trained eye, a simple Google search of Medical Infrared Thermography
reveals a myriad of errors in imaging and reporting that adversely affects the quality
and validity of Thermography. Errors range from incorrect room temperature to
poorly angled images that do not correctly capture the area of interest. Additionally,
many practitioners believe that they can look at and interpret an image without any
formal training in the interpretation of thermal images.

Don’t let this happen in your clinic. The College of Medical Thermography has
been created to offer world-class training to medical professionals wishing to get
started, or increase their current knowledge in Medical Infrared Thermography. Our
training programs are based on internationally accepted procedures and protocols.
We offer decades of combined Clinical Thermography and Business experience.

Four programs are currently being offered:

Thermography Technician
2-Day Program – $1,797.00

An image says a thousand words, and thermography is only as good as the images
captured. The Thermography Technician will be trained to be the front line person
in your thermography practice.

The Thermography Technician will understand the basic concepts and limitations of
thermography and will be able to effectively answer basic telephone inquiries about
thermography and collect relevant data within a clinical setting, and take correct
images including Cranial, Breast, Upper and Lower Body imaging.

Thermography Manager
3-Day Program – $2,497.00
(50% reduction available for additional trainees from the same practice)

The Thermography Manager training program consists of the 2-day Thermography
Technician Training program plus an additional day of Office Operations and

Thermography Marketing Program
1-Day Program – $1,297.00

Learn the basics of education/information-based marketing along with additional
marketing and practice management techniques that you will use to grow your
Thermography Practice. You will learn how to become recognized as the expert in your field

Reporting Thermographic Clinician Program (Part 1)
3-Day Program- $2,997.00

This course is designed for licensed health care practitioners only. Upon completion,
you will be provisionally certified by the College of Medical Thermography, and will
be able to competently write and interpret reports for your patients.

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