What makes the Thermography Clinic different from others on the market?

The short answer is: 

Our company and everything we do.  Your acquisition of our system signifies only the start of our relationship with you and it is one that continues for an extended period of time after you purchase the system.

The long answer is:

The Thermography Clinic system itself, the Insight Full BodyScan, is a reputable, technologically advanced system.  Equipped with the industry’s most reputable thermal imaging cameras, the Insight Full BodyScan produces detailed, accurate and high quality thermal images.

The software we supply is proprietary.  Easy to use and intuitive, our software package was created by clinicians and is specifically designed for use in a clinical setting.

Our training is thorough and ongoing.  The Thermography Clinic takes a cooperative approach to the implementation of thermographic imaging systems in new or existing practices by providing you with the knowledge, skills and support you need to carry it forward successfully.

Finally, our system is focused on what happens after the thermal image is produced.  We provide you with comprehensive reports that outline all of the necessary qualitative and quantitative information for you to present your patient with a full picture.  Reports are generated in just 3 business days.

What is the difference between medical cameras on the market and FLIR cameras?

The Insight Full BodyScan is equipped with an FLIR A-300 Series IR Camera.  Capturing 60 frames per second, using 16-bit imagery with a 320 x 420 array, and a plug-and-play configuration, the Insight Full BodyScan produces highly accurate images. Some companies attach a sticker on their FLIR camera to give it a different name.  Here at the Thermography Clinic, we choose not to engage in such practices.  Our camera is labeled as exactly what it is: an FLIR A-300 Series IR Camera.

‘Medical grade’ cameras are not built for applications, but rather for general-purpose. Some companies make claims that their cameras are superior to others because they are designed for medical use. This claim is not only misleading but is also an insult to qualified medical practitioners and researchers who have chosen FLIR cameras for medical use.  Looking at the research and published literature surrounding the medical applications of thermography, FLIR cameras outnumber all other cameras combined.  This alone demonstrates the reliability and credibility of FLIR as the largest camera manufacturer in the world.

What training does the Thermography Clinic provide?

The Thermography Clinic provides comprehensive training before, during and after your implementation of the Insight Full BodyScan.  Our training program covers the history of thermography, anatomy, physiology, IR physics, medical and legal knowledge, marketing, patient administration, technical system operation and troubleshooting. Our ongoing tele-seminars provide you with continuous educational training to make sure that we have the best-trained thermographic technicians in the industry.

What certification do I receive after my training?

Once you have completed the Thermography Clinic training program, you will be tested and provisionally certified by the College of Medical Thermography.

How do Thermography Clinic’s reports differ from others?

Our reports are the best in the industry.  Download a copy of a sample report here and compare it to others on the market. Our methodology is based on an internationally recognized, proven and supported thermological signs.  Our reports are accurate, reliable and fast, with a turnaround of just 3 days.

We use the TH Reporting System and our standard qualitative and quantitative analysis is based on aninternationally recognized system of analysis.

Thermographic findings are evaluated according to 32 standard thermological signs and quantification changes. Each of these is provided with numerical values (scores), which were developed based on the statistical frequency of occurrence and its association with breast pathology. The higher the score, the greater the incidence of pathology.

The TH scoring system is based on original research conducted by M. Gauthrie, A. Kotewicz and P. Gueblez for a study presented in the Thermal Assessment of Breast Health, entitled “Accurate and Objective Evaluation of Breast Thermograms: Basic Principles and New Advances with Special Reference to an Improved Computer-Assisted Scoring System”, published by MTP Press Limited, Lancaster/Boston. Since Gauthrie’s original research, additional signs and numerical values have been added to establish the present scoring system (as used in our reports). These additional signs and values are based on extensive imaging and clinical work, separately performed by Doctors G. Chapman, B. Hobbins and A. Mostovoy.

What happens if my system malfunctions or breaks down on me?

We provide full technical support via remote access to your equipment. In the event that we are not able to resolve the technical issues in a timely manner, we courier a loaner system to you while yours is repaired offsite. Your business is important to us and we do everything we can to ensure that your downtime is minimized.


What if I have trouble operating the system after I’ve completed the training and certification process with Thermography Clinic? 

The Thermography Clinic is here to support you every step of the way.  The support doesn’t stop after you’ve passed the program and implemented the Insight Full BodyScan.  We provide technical support and guidance as you launch a new business or integrate this new system into your existing business.

Does Thermography Clinic provide me with any additional business guidance and/or support?

Yes.  The training program offered by Thermography Clinic includes an entire section on business operations.  We teach you how to run a successful thermography business by teaching you about proper presentation, patient interaction, education, pricing, how to manage your expenses and much more. We especially provide much-needed guidance in the early stages of your new operation.  The Thermography Clinic is highly experienced in the industry and our system has been successfully implemented in numerous clinics around the world.

Does Thermography Clinic provide me with any marketing assistance?

Yes.  Thermography Clinic equips you with invaluable marketing tools to help you acquire new patients and keep the existing ones.  These tools include a customized website, brochures, business cards, intake forms, a link to your website in our global clinic directory, and prewritten articles ready for republish. When you succeed, we succeed.

What is required of me and/or my practice before I can purchase the Thermography Clinic system?

Please contact us to receive additional information and to speak to a representative to discuss how we can best work together.

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