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Glenda Neufeld, Qualicum Beach, BC

“The fact that I feel like I am in the right place doing the right job is always confirmed by the support and encouragement I receive from both Dr. Mostovoy and everyone else who works at Thermography Clinic Inc..  From my very first phone call to Dr. Mostovoy to inquire about the possibility of pursuing this business, I knew it was the right fit.  I love the fact that when any issues arise or questions come from clients, doctors or myself, I can contact the team at Thermography Clinic to receive prompt and clear responses.  I enjoy the freedom I have to run my business according to my personality, geographic location and cultural situation.  And finally, I find it very satisfying to present women with detailed thermographic imaging reports and witness how empowered they feel with the information and how grateful they are for the service we provide.”


Suzanne Sutherland, Vancouver, BC

“I was so impressed with the intuitive results of the breast thermographs conducted on myself in the past, that I decided I wanted to train myself in thermography and integrate this service into my current homeopathy business.  Since I started, Thermography Clinic has provided me with all of the support I need, whether it be a simple question or a software difficulty.  Continue reading


Sharon Pearsons, Meaford, ON

“I like the fact that I am working with people who are dedicated to preventing disease and who want women to be educated about their health so they can make healthy choices.  And I love the fact that thermography is not only a totally safe method of breast cancer screening but it gives us the earliest indication that something is wrong, and therefore, the necessary time we need to make changes that can reverse the disease.  The most satisfying thing about my business is the fact that I know the women who visit my clinic will receive information they can use.  They are given a report that they can read and keep to monitor their own breast health.”